We are the leading UK distributor and installer of FRIGOBLOCK fleet refrigeration systems for vehicles and trailers.

We supply and install the highly innovative FRIGOBLOCK range. Our clients include food manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers using trucks and trailers of different sizes, configurations and ages.

Michael Ward Limited FRIGOBLOCK

FK Series

Machine for rigid trailers

HK Series

Drawbar systems and semi-trailers

EK Series


RE Series

Additional evaporator


Three phase & diesel

The FRIGOBLOCK FK Series of refrigeration machines is for rigid vehicles, mounted to the front wall above the driver’s cab. The FK Series is the right choice for high-end distribution service.

The evaporator is completely integrated in the refrigeration machine so double deck loading up to the front wall is possible without the loss of loading height and goods are protected from damage. Quick-release fasteners improve ease of maintenance and the refrigeration machine can be exchanged in a few minutes.



Main Features

  • Hydraulic tilting mechanism, only 30 mm gap to driver’s cab required, saves up to 300 mm total height
  • Ø 50% less fuel cost
  • Large heat exchange surfaces with high efficiency
  • Environmentally compatible refrigerant R410A


FRIGOBLOCK is owned by Trane Technologies Inc, a world leader in temperature control systems.

FRIGOBLOCK manufactures all-electric transport refrigeration systems for refrigerated trucks and refrigerated trailers. The system works by converting waste and kinetic energy into electrical energy from the vehicle engine, delivering it to the refrigeration unit’s electric motor providing the electrical energy to cool the load space.

This avoids the need to use a separate diesel engine, thus preventing an increase in whole vehicle emissions, keeping harmful CO2 and noxious emissions to a minimum, and taking away the need to burn additional fossil fuels.

Cooling with FRIGOBLOCK is a very efficient system and can run from a traditional diesel fuelled vehicle, or with the new gas fuelled engines like LNG and CNG. But it’s best suited to all-electric vehicles by connecting directly to the BEV power source, which means no efficiency is lost.

FRIGOBLOCK technology can be fitted to any vehicle, and is available in three variations:

  • The FK Series – fits above the driver’s cab on rigid trucks
  • The HK Series – is designed to be fitted to semi trailers
  • The EK/DK Series – undermount systems for split refrigeration machines
  • These systems can be combined with remote evaporators the RE Series – which provides dual direction airflow for cooling multi compartment bodies giving tighter temperature control

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The Benefits of FRIGOBLOCK

FRIGOBLOCK technology was ahead of its time when it first emerged in the late 1970s. With constant development over the past 40 years, today FRIGOBLOCK is the market-leading, all-electric transport refrigeration system.

The benefits of FRIGOBLOCK are very clear environmentally but there are financial benefits too, especially with the red diesel duty rebate changes coming into effect in April. These new regulations will focus on transport refrigeration units as they come under the specification of non-road mobile machinery (NRMM). This also includes other auxiliary machinery that have an additional diesel engine like road sweepers and cranes.

With low emission zones popping up in many cities across the UK, the pressure will come on the emissions generated from a second auxiliary engine fitted to most refrigerated trucks.

By starting today you can future proof your business by fitting all-electric refrigeration units to all new refrigerated trucks. The industry will be well placed when fully electric trucks become the norm, with body swaps from today’s all-electric units fitted to diesel or gas trucks, which can simply be swapped to a new electric chassis.

With normal diesel prices, the cost of running many diesel TRUs will exceed £5 per hour. With a typical all-electric transport refrigeration unit costing just under £1 per hour, operators will be looking at savings of £10,000 per year by switching to all-electric transport refrigeration systems.

FRIGOBLOCK needs less maintenance, due to the lower heat and vibration levels. That is why many current operators of FRIGOBLOCK have continued to buy year after year. With the noise coming from a fully electric refrigeration unit being so much lower than the diesel alternatives night time deliveries are no problem.

The UK’s leading foodservice wholesalers have been using FRIGOBLOCK for many years. They know a FRIGOBLOCK unit will run for more than 10 years – almost twice that of a diesel-powered unit of an equivalent size.

The rental market is recognising the value of FRIGOBLOCK technology too, and we have a significant order to supply FRIGOBLOCK to a major fleet rental operator coming up later this year.

Read our insight piece ‘Frigoblock: the solution to a greener future right now’ here.

Why buy FRIGOBLOCK from us?

MWL have been a sales and service provider for FRIGOBLOCK systems for more than 30 years. We supply, fit and maintain FRIGOBLOCK units and offer an industry-leading three-year warranty.

Our engineers are considered the best in the business and central to our excellent reputation and market leading position. They are on-call 24/7 across the UK, 365 days of the year, providing unrivalled service and peace-of-mind – find out more about transport refrigeration servicing.

Our expertise covers everything from small truck home delivery fleets and large trucks used for multi-drop food distribution to trailer fleets in the retail and pharmaceutical sectors.

MWL engineers have a high level of technical competence across a wide range of makes and systems of refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Indeed, skills, knowledge, training and development are central to MWL’s business success and position. All our engineers hold F-gas category 1 refrigerant handling certificates.

And because MWL is forward-thinking with technology, it also helps clients adapt to cleaner and more efficient systems to recycle energy, save costs and help future-proof their business.


A final word from our MD

Managing Director Graham Galloway says: “FRIGOBLOCK is a product that works today with the current diesel-powered trucks, but it’s equally at home working on a full electric vehicle, or a hybrid vehicle. You can mix and match the way it works.

“We supply FRIGOBLOCK with a three-year warranty, which is an industry-leading warranty.

“It was ahead of its time when it first came out. I have heard it said that FRIGOBLOCK hasn’t changed over the years – that’s not strictly true, it has evolved – but the simple answer is it doesn’t need to, as it’s the perfect system for today and tomorrow!”

Product Benefits

Less fuel consumption
Environmentally compatible refrigerant gas
Alternator efficiency
More effective loading space
Reduced wear
30 year
Operational success

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