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We provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning (known as HVAC) solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial properties. Whatever the activities inside your premises and the conditions outside, we keep your operations at the right temperature.

Air conditioning is borne out of refrigeration – taking heat from a space and disposing of it outside is the principle behind it. It keeps you warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm.

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Air Conditioning Systems

Split Type

Flexible, reliable & low cost


High performance, flexible & efficient


Ideal for all space sizes, especially server rooms


Adaptable, versatile & aesthetically-pleasing

Heat Recovery

A green solution for the future

A split type aid conditioning unit is actually made up of two units – the water or air-cooled condensing unit on the outside of a building and the air handling unit(s) inside. They are popular due to their flexibility – one outdoor unit can control multiple indoor units.

Split type systems are renowned for providing even temperatures in larger open plan spaces, and those of an awkward shape. Offering both heating and cooling to any commercial space, the different-sized air handling units mean they can be mixed and matched to suit premises with several different sized areas.

Great for office spaces, commercial buildings and retail spaces with a range of controls, timers and functions.


Main Features

  • Reliable and versatile
  • Heating & cooling functions
  • Economic to run
  • Convenient to control
  • Quiet

Site surveys and design

It could be refrigeration, cold room, air conditioning, ventilation or all four, whatever you need we can provide the HVAC solution thanks our experience and expertise gathered over more than 40 years.

A fact-finding site visit will provide us with the knowledge to design a truly bespoke system. Being proudly independent, we collate prices from various manufacturers to give you the best possible no obligation quote.

While the following list is not exhaustive, it provides an insight into the types of markets we serve: manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, food processing plants, public houses, offices, retailers, as well as the public sector and residential developments, to name but a few.

And our forward-thinking policy towards technology means we can help our clients adapt to cleaner and more efficient systems to recycle energy, save costs and help future-proof your business.

Air Conditioning Survey & Installation

Our air conditioning solutions

Air conditioning design & installation – We will work with you to understand your requirements and then design a system bespoke to your needs. We’ll take every aspect of your site into account, such as the room design and measurements, to recommend the type of HVAC installation that will provide the best air flow and temperature control.

We provide systems by Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Daikin and can also work with architects and specifiers to provide systems to their requirements.


We provide five air conditioning systems:

  • Split type – This is popular due to its flexibility, cost and reliability. These systems have a separate condenser unit on the outside of a building. They are quiet and convenient to control and have low operating costs.
  • Wall/ceiling – As the name suggests, these systems can be fitted to walls or ceilings. They typically have a filter which destroys fungi, dust, bacteria and viruses to clean the air. Modern units have inverter compressor designs with quiet fans. These are low-noise, high performance cooling and heating systems, with controls for comfort and efficiency.Ceiling cassette air conditioning units are available for commercial and residential buildings. They are good for large open plan spaces or irregular shaped rooms with a false or suspended ceiling. Under ceiling units are good for high-capacity air conditioning or heating pump system in spaces without a false or suspended ceiling cassette into.
  • Floor/ceiling – These units are ideal for places where there is no wall space available. They are quick to install and can often be suited for smaller environments such as small shops, cafes, foyers or server rooms.Ceiling cassette air conditioning units are available for commercial and residential buildings. They are good for large open plan spaces or irregular shaped rooms with a false or suspended ceiling. Under ceiling units are good for high-capacity air conditioning or heating pump system in spaces without a false or suspended ceiling cassette into.
  • Ducted – These systems are adaptable for many buildings and environments and typically work off inverter driven compressors. They can be concealed in suspended ceilings or at ground level, but they can also be uncovered as part of an interior design feature.
  • Heat recovery – This modern method of temperature control allows for the recycling of heat energy from outgoing air. Recovered heat can be transferred into incoming cold air without any cross-contamination from the outgoing source. Systems such as plate heat exchangers or run-around coil heat exchangers help businesses to save energy and reduce energy bills.All air conditioning is principally heat recovery but modern heat recovery systems are seen as a green solution for the future. Air source or ground source heat pumps can be used to heat water and provide underfloor heating.


Ventilation in the workplace has taken on increased significance since the Covid-19 pandemic with the need for fresh air a crucial factor in arresting the spread of the disease.

Although ventilation and air conditioning are inextricably linked, they provide different functions. Air conditioning solely focuses on the temperature of a working environment, while ventilation is all about the purity of the air quality within it.

Working environments that create smells and vapours should prioritise ventilation. For example, businesses that by the nature of their work create dust, hazardous materials, fumes and odours should talk to us about ventilation. By using a ventilator, the air is purified and the harmful products are removed.

We can also provide ventilation heat recovery, where we channel fresh air coming into a building through a heat exchanger to provide fresh, warm air for the inside.

Talk to us about your ventilation and air conditioning needs. Our experience and expertise mean we can design a system that’s perfect for your needs.

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Air conditioning servicing & maintenance Michael Ward Limited

Air conditioning maintenance & repairs

Whatever the age of your air conditioning unit, it’s important you have it serviced every 12 months or so to keep it running as safely and efficiently as possible. Regular servicing will increase its lifespan and could save you having to pay for expensive repairs.

We service heating, cooling and ventilation systems in all types of commercial and industrial properties and manufacturing processes – ranging from offices, shops and restaurants to cold stores, warehouses, food production and factory environments.

On-site maintenance and repairs – Our comprehensive maintenance packages are designed to keep your HVAC installation in the best possible working order and proactively warn you of potential failings. They include:

  • Equipment, filter and coil cleaning – and we’ll make sure all the oil, gas or glycol levels are correct.
  • Ampage readings of fan motors, compressors and components indicate whether they are running within the manufacturer’s specification. Again, this will enable to us to detect any potential failings in the system so we can proactively advise you before a potential breakdown occurs.
  • Examination of gas pressure – these denote how the system is working correctly within its design criteria.
  • Acid tests on commercial refrigeration, which tells us whether the compressor is working efficiently. This is as literal as it sounds using a dye into which we drop some refrigerant oil. The dye will change colour depending on the amount of acid present, thus signalling any future compressor failings.


Our air conditioning maintenance packages are trusted by all kinds of clients, from property owners and tenants to business owners and process managers, to provide the best solutions and their unique challenges and requirements.

And should the worst occur, we can repair any make of HVAC installation thanks to our highly skilled, qualified and experienced engineers who have a high level of competence across a wide range of HVAC makes and systems.

Our people

All our engineers hold F-gas category 1 refrigerant handling certificates, giving you peace of mind that we have the required skill level and knowledge to install and maintain your heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

We believe they are the best in the business. On-call 24/7 for clients across the country, they’re central to our excellent reputation and our leading position serving businesses across the UK. They have a high level of technical competence and brilliant attention to detail.




Our clients

MWL work with a wide spectrum of clients, and here is a glimpse at some of them:

The Dalziel Group, which serves the meat processing and retail butchery industry from 12 distribution sites throughout the UK, and The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company are just two of our clients in the food processing and distribution sector.

Others include the growers and distributors of vegetables; the bakers of sweet treats for coffee shops, retailers and restaurant chains throughout the UK and Europe; wholesale suppliers of halal meat, fish, poultry, and providers of fresh food produce, butchery and groceries.

In the medical sector, we work with Rosegrove Surgery, a large GP surgery in Burnley. Some of our more unusual clients include the makers of currency and passports for countries around the world, and the creators of sustainable packaging products.




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We offer a range of bespoke service and maintenance plans for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning units, whether fitted by Michael Ward Limited or another air conditioning installer.


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