FRIGOBLOCK Alternators for three phase & diesel


FRIGOBLOCK Alternators Michael Ward Limited Transport Refrigeration


A6 - AW30

Main Features

  • Efficient and fuel-saving energy production by modern truck engines
  • One alternator supplies the energy for a truck-trailer unit
  • Large speed range. No turning off in idle or at high speeds
  • Over 30 years experience in alternator drive systems and fitting by leading truck manufacturers on their own production line
  • Highest efficiencies thanks to very large copper coil and core sections
  • High temperature resistant winding, vibration and moisture protected
  • Long life
  • Splashwater protected aluminium housing. No entry of dirt in the bearings
  • Compact size, simple installation, low weight

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3-phase alternator systems

Already in the early 1970s, FRIGOBLOCK decided on the development of the alternator drive system in which a powerful 3-phase alternator produces up to 40 kW electrical energy for all electric FRIGOBLOCK refrigeration machines.

The FRIGOBLOCK 3-phase alternator produces 230/400 V and 50 Hz, i.e., the same voltage and frequency as the European power supply system. This means that there is no problem to run FRIGOBLOCK machines on a mains supply without the need of any additional equipment.

Because of the market position of the alternator driven FRIGOBLOCK refrigeration machines, well-known truck manufacturers already take into account the technical requirements for the installation of FRIGOBLOCK alternators during the development of a new truck series with gross combination weight rating of 7.5 tons and above.
Output (kVA) Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Current (A) Speed (rpm) Min/max (rpm) LxHxWxD (mm) Shaft drive torque (Nm) Weight (kg)
A 6 6.25 400 50 9 3,000 1,200/5,250 350x180x206x28 19.9 38
A 8 8.31 400 50 12 3,000 1,200/5,250 400x180x206x28 26.5 48
G 12 12,47 400 50 18 3,000 1,200/5,250 375x214x245x43 39.7 59
G 17 17.32 400 50 25 3,000 1,200/5,250 450x214x245x43  55.1 76
G 24  24.25  400  50  35 3,000 1,200/5,250 550x214x245x43 77.2 98
AW 22.5 22.5 / 28.0 400 / 500 32 3,000 1,500/6,000 336x186x186x30 71.5 49
AW 30 30.0 / 37.5 400 / 500 43 3,000 1,500/6,000 441x186x186x30 95.5 60


Specifications are subject to change
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