HVAC Efficiency: The Key To HVAC Energy Savings In 2022

Achieving maximum HVAC efficiency in times of spiralling costs – especially with new, tax-efficient systems

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Spiralling energy costs are inescapable for many well documented reasons – and energy costs eat into profits.

The bills for keeping premises at their optimum temperature are among the biggest costs facing businesses today.

And it’s not just the cost imperative that is taxing business owners and operators. Add in the need to consider carbon emissions and climate change, it’s fair to say all businesses are going through some of the most difficult circumstances for decades. So what can they do about it?

This is what the director at a North West manufacturing business had to say: “Business is hard at the minute and it’s hard for our customers too. That means you have to focus your efforts on your priorities. Certainly, this next year is going to be very challenging, cost pressures are going to be immense and everything indicates we are facing into recession.”

Keeping energy costs down when using a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is going to help increase a company’s profits. (Employees also work better when the HVAC system at their place of work is efficient.)

HVAC is a necessity for all kinds of UK businesses, especially with our highly variable climate. Getting the most out of your HVAC system comes down to one simple fact – it has to be the right one for your business.


Achieving maximum HVAC efficiency

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Heating, ventilation and cooling systems come in several models and designs. The suitability of a system will also depend on its size – achieving the optimum output for your business requirements means you have to have the right-sized equipment designed around load calculations.

To achieve maximum energy efficiency it’s essential to talk to an expert to find out the best system for your business.

We provide HVAC solutions for a wide range of commercial and industrial properties. Whatever the activities inside your premises and the conditions outside, we keep your operations at the right temperature.

Most of the air conditioning systems we now install use inverter technology to save on energy and running costs.

Inverter technology eliminates wasted operation in air conditioners by efficiently controlling motor speed. Air conditioners maintain set temperature by cooling when the room temperature rises above the set temperature and heating when the room temperature falls below the set temperature.

Many of the systems we supply also fall under the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme to encourage businesses to invest in energy efficient, environmentally beneficial technologies. The scheme lets your business claim 100 per cent first-year allowances, ie tax relief, on investments in certain technologies and products.

The other benefit of new air conditioning technology is that it’s far cheaper to run compared to a central heating system and will provide almost instant heating/cooling.

A fact-finding site visit will provide us with the knowledge to design a truly bespoke system for your needs. Being proudly independent, we collate prices from various manufacturers to give you the best possible no obligation quote.

Energy saving advice for HVAC

For existing heating systems, replacing inefficient boilers will help to save energy, as will reducing thermostat temperature settings. For example, decreasing thermostat temperatures by just 1˚ could save as much as 8% on energy costs.

De-stratification fans in the heaters can bring down power consumption by 20%, and ensuring your boilers are well maintained will make them as efficient as possible.

Maximise the benefits of air conditioning by using variable speed drives, which help to produce the appropriate power output for your business needs, keeping wastage down to a minimum. Always ensure the temperature of your air con system doesn’t fall below a set minimum and don’t allow the heating and cooling systems to work against each other.

Ventilation in the workplace has taken on increased significance since the Covid-19 pandemic with the need for fresh air a crucial factor in arresting the spread of the disease. Ventilation systems with high efficiency motors can keep energy bills down by approximately 5%.


HVAC maintenance is essential

                                                                                                                                            Maintenance is an important factor of energy efficient HVAC. A dusty system, or one with a malfunctioning blower, will make the system work harder and thus use more energyHVAC install

Whatever the age of your air conditioning unit, it’s important you have it serviced every 12 months or so to keep it running as efficiently (and safely) as possible. Regular air conditioning servicing will increase its lifespan and could save you having to pay for expensive repairs.

We service heating, cooling and ventilation systems in all types of commercial and industrial properties and manufacturing processes – ranging from offices, shops and restaurants to cold stores, warehouses, food production and factory environments.

On-site maintenance and repairs – our comprehensive maintenance packages are designed to keep your HVAC installation in the best possible working order and proactively warn you of potential failings. They include:

  • Equipment, filter and coil cleaning – and we’ll make sure all the oil, gas or glycol levels are correct.
  • Ampage readings of fan motors, compressors and components indicate whether they are running within the manufacturer’s specification. Again, this will enable to us to detect any potential failings in the system so we can proactively advise you before a potential breakdown occurs.
  • Examination of gas pressure – these denote how the system is working correctly within its design criteria.
  • Acid tests on commercial refrigeration, which tells us whether the compressor is working efficiently. This is as literal as it sounds using a dye into which we drop some refrigerant oil. The dye will change colour depending on the amount of acid present, thus signalling any future compressor failings.


Our air conditioning maintenance packages are trusted by all kinds of clients, from property owners and tenants to business owners and process managers, to provide the best solutions and their unique challenges and requirements.

And should the worst occur, we can repair any make of HVAC installation thanks to our highly skilled, qualified and experienced engineers who have a high level of competence across a wide range of HVAC makes and systems.


MWL engineersOur people

All our engineers hold F-gas category 1 refrigerant handling certificates, giving you peace of mind that we have the required skill level and knowledge to install and maintain your HVAC equipment.

We believe they are the best in the business. On-call 24/7 for clients across the country, they’re central to our excellent reputation and our leading position serving businesses across the UK. They have a high level of technical competence and brilliant attention to detail.



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