Maintaining refrigerated transport systems for optimal performance

Maintaining refrigerated transport systems for optimal performance

Managing your cold-chain logistics business is challenging enough without having to worry about maintaining and repairing your own fleet’s refrigeration equipment too. At Michael Ward, we can help in many ways.

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We offer UK-wide service and breakdown cover for refrigerated trucks and vans, from single vehicles to fleets. We are independent and supply, install, maintain and repair all makes and types of transport refrigeration systems for diverse fresh, chilled and frozen goods.

Our services cover traditional transport refrigeration units powered by diesel generators to other systems such as FRIGOBLOCK, which are cleaner and use an alternator connected to the main truck engine.

We also offer helpful, expert advice, reflecting our strong customer service and years of engineering experience in keeping refrigerated transport businesses on the road.

Below are some common maintenance issues that can arise with refrigerated transport systems. Better awareness of these can prevent problems happening and keep your refrigerated fleet in excellent shape to serve you well.

Backed-up with one of our MWL service and repair plans, these tips will help keep your cold-chain business in good shape for the future.


Battery strength

Refrigeration units typically stop and start frequently and a battery has a limited number of cycles. A low-charge battery can cause a refrigeration unit to run despite the set point being reached to keep the battery in health. Communications and telematics equipment create extra loads on battery voltage, so be aware of battery health.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) and Flooded Lead-Acid (FLA) batteries can be good choices for transport refrigeration units. Solar technology can be incorporated into AGMs to lengthen the battery life. FLA batteries typically last for 18-24 months.


Starters and alternators

The number of stops and starts made by a refrigeration unit each can affect these.

Upgrading to new, better alternators can significantly increase the life and performance of the alternator.


Software and sensors

Keep your software updated to ensure the refrigeration unit is running on the latest version. This will take advantage of any enhancements due to software updates. Also check sensor location and grades at regular intervals to ensure these are correct. Look for any signs of refrigerant leaks and carry out a refrigerant level check.


Other maintenance advice

Also remember to check air, oil and fuel filters, fluids and belts. Check the defrost drain hoses and flapper valves for any debris or dirt. Inspect wiring for any looseness, fraying or chaffing. Elsewhere, check doors and hardware and perform a full pre-trip check regularly.

Routine servicing of refrigeration units will extend each unit’s operational life and keep your cold chain business on the road.


MWL service plans and trusted engineers

We offer a comprehensive choice of refrigerated transport service and maintenance plans for cold chain businesses of all types and sizes. Clients can choose from maintenance contracts or pay-as-you-go options. Each is tailored to individual business requirements. Whatever the business’s role or size in the cold chain sector, we can help with servicing and maintenance.

Across the transport industry, we have built an excellent, trusted reputation based on years of reliable support to clients. Because we are genuinely independent, we give clients bespoke technical advice and real choices based on access to all types of transport refrigeration systems and brands.

Our transport refrigeration engineers are highly skilled and qualified. They maintain multiple refrigeration system brands and models of any age and in any configuration.

They are on-call 24/7 engineer to clients across the UK, 365 days per year. Their expertise and reliability ensure transport businesses keep on running. This gives business owners and transport managers peace-of-mind to focus on their own roles.

Our engineers have a premium level of technical competence. They have brilliant attention to detail, the ability to remain focused when working under pressure, excellent customer service skills and effective communication at all levels. They’re also a friendly bunch.

And with our online software, all MWL customers have secure, convenient access to their own service and compliance documents too.

We service and repair traditional diesel-powered transport refrigeration systems and other systems, such as FRIGOBLOCK.

We also supply all types and brands of equipment parts to suit each customer’s individual requirements and circumstances.  These include after-market ‘will fit’ parts which we carefully choose from selected manufactures. Recycled parts are also available.

Get in touch to find out more about our service and maintenance plans and other temperature control support for business.

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