Environmental Policy


Michael Ward Limited is committed to continually improving the environmental performance of its activities and services by ensuring, at the very least, compliance with all appropriate legislation and regulations

The Company strives to improve its environmental impact through continued training and awareness of environmental issues we face.

We shall ensure that all waste is disposed of, by the correct means, through suppliers that meet all DEFRA legislation and criteria.

We shall seek to reduce our waste through re-use of materials and containers.

DSC_5558.JPGWe shall ensure where possible that materials, such as paper, cardboard, metals and wood are re-used or recycled.

We shall continue to monitor our use of energy, and replace with renewal or alternative energy sources where possible.

Continual environmental improvements to our business operations will be achieved by setting environmental objectives and targets, which will be monitored through implementation of an Environmental Management System. This will be achieved by raising awareness and providing education to all staff and where necessary suppliers and customers, regarding the company’s position on the environment, its Environmental Management System and their responsibilities