Don’t Leave Your Customers Out in the Cold!

You wouldn't leave your dog, family, friends or business out in the cold would you? So don't leave your customers out in the cold! We know a lot of businesses say this but here at Michael Ward we really can make.

Why You Need To Be F-Gas Compliant

Normally getting an 'F' grade is associated with failure or coming bottom of the class (all those times you may have hidden your school report card from your expectant parents might spring to mind!) But if you're a business, however.

A Self Driving Refrigeration Fleet?

Here at Michael Ward Ltd we're specialists in fleet maintenance (amongst other things!), so whether you're a small business that uses one transport refrigeration vehicle or a larger enterprise that operates a whole fleet of HGVs that regularly travel nationwide,.

Increased Office Productivity? Sounds Cool…

The right air-conditioning system in your offices could dramatically increase the productivity of your employees.

As we welcome a new year you will no doubt have new targets you wish your business to hit and new goals you want your company.

Daimler takes Mercedes Benz driverless truck to the roads

A driverless truck developed by Daimler takes to a public road for the first time

Daimler, owners of Mercedes Benz, have developed a driverless truck which at the push of a button, enters "highway pilot.” Using radars and a.

Weather Warning: UK to Experience Snowy Winter

With just a few weeks until the official start of winter, early weather warnings are being issued as experts are calling for a snowy winter for much of the UK. Researchers from the Met Office and Exacta Weather are predicting a.

Diesel Price Drop Good News for 10 Million Diesel Car Drivers

According to the AA, diesel is cheaper than petrol for the first time in 15 years, but big diesel price drop is "too long in coming" The four main supermarkets; Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrisons and Asda have joined in on the diesel.