Why You Need To Be F-Gas Compliant

Normally getting an ‘F’ grade is associated with failure or coming bottom of the class (all those times you may have hidden your school report card from your expectant parents might spring to mind!) But if you’re a business, however big or small, or even a one man/woman band that installs, maintains or services heat pump, air conditioning or refrigeration equipment that contains or is designed to contain F-Gas refrigerants without being F-Gas                                                              compliant, you are on the wrong side of the law.

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F-Gas stands for fluorinated greenhouse gases, a man-made gas that contributes to the global greenhouse effect. Many of refrigeration, A/C and heat pump systems contain hydrofluorocarbons (one of the four types of F-Gases).

From July 2011, the UK Government made it so that any business that didn’t have a valid and full F-Gas Certificate for their company must apply for Stationary Equipment Qualification Company Certificate (Full Certificate) immediately.

At Michael Ward Ltd, we know it’s always best to stay on  the law’s good side (in general life as well as business!) which is why we ensure your company is fully F-Gas Compliant so it ticks all the legal boxes. We do this automatically if you’re one of our customers, with our reliable refrigeration service software generating all your compliance certificates as part of your service plan with us.

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OfCom states that people aged 16+ claim to spend 20 hours and 30 minutes online each week and that was in 2014! Imagine how many hours they spend now! We bet you’ve gone online already today! With this in mind, and in the spirit of true transparency, we’ve made it so all our customers can access their compliance certificates via their own personalised online portal on our website.

All you have to do to gain access to this handy software is login and you’ll be greeted with updated info on the progress of jobs being carried out on your vehicles, including job history and work still outstanding…we’ll do the rest!

We know it’s a pain not knowing things, especially when it comes to important things to do with your business and your refrigeration vehicles. So why not log on to your online portal with us now to check up on your vehicle’s progress if you’re an existing customer? 

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