Mixing It Up: Fleet Refrigeration Engineering

It’s good to mix things up a bit, isn’t it? Whether it’s varying what you eat, wear, or do at the weekend, spicing things up with variety always makes them more exciting and appealing.

Here at Michael Ward Ltd, we’re not only great at what we do but enjoy it too! As well as our air conditioning and commercial refrigeration services, we also have a passion for being top transport refrigeration engineers!

Did you know…

We service mixed fleets of refrigeration vehicles to the highest standard? Yes, that means big or small fleets and a range of makes, models and ages!

What types of refrigeration vehicles do we maintain?

Direct Drive Transport Refrigeration Units are usually used on smaller vans. They require power from a vehicle’s engine so an alternator, compressor or a hydraulic pump is installed in the engine to power the refrigeration unit. For occasions when the vehicle is switched off, Direct Drive units often have power mains allowing it to be plugged it into electrics.

Larger Transport Refrigeration Units- When it comes to larger refrigerated vehicles such as trailers, Direct Drive units are not well suited or practical. Refrigeration units fitted onto trailers typically have their own independent engine to run the unit. Therefore, these larger refrigeration units do not need power from the truck itself. They usually have their own battery as well as their own engine.

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We have you covered: We have over 50 fully equipped service vans operating nationally!

Multi-Temp Transport Refrigeration Units are designed to maintain the temperature of a single compartment or a variety of temperatures in separate compartments. The use of either bulkhead fans or evaporators makes the maintaining of the variety of temperatures in the separate compartments possible. For this reason, the term ‘Multi Temp’ usually applies to systems with more than one evaporator. They can be used across the range of Direct Drive, Truck and Trailer Refrigeration Units.

Why Entrust Your Refrigeration Fleet With Us?

  • We’re a Frigoblock service partner.  Frigoblock produces powerful transport refrigeration systems that boast ecologically friendly qualities and low whole life costs.
Frigoblock, mixed fleets, transport refrigeration

Partners: We’re AA Service partners with Frigoblock!


  • We operate on our 24/7 basis, all year around, throughout the UK and have a network fleet of over 50 fully stocked and equipped service vans so, wherever you are in the country, whether your vehicle has broken down, due a service or a new unit installation is required, our engineers can get to you and assist.
  • We have over 40 years’ experience with transport refrigeration engineering so your fleet is in safe hands.
  • You can use our online transport refrigeration customer software to monitor the progress of jobs we are carrying out on your vehicle to stay in the loop.
  • We service a range of brands, makes, models of refrigeration units, old and new, so no matter what type your transport refrigeration unit is, we can help!


What types of transport refrigeration units make up your fleet? Let us know over on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ !




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