Meat Our Cold Room Services!

Don’t you just love it when you find out something new, whether it be about a friend, your favourite band or company you frequently work with? Whilst many may know us for being experienced experts in transport refrigeration, what they may not be aware of is our leading commercial cold room services.

Butchers, wholesale meat suppliers and abattoirs are required by law to freeze meat at -18 degrees or below, whilst chilled meat must be kept at 8 degrees or lower. A branch of Michael Ward Ltd that has grown considerably in recent years, we excel at designing and installing chiller and freezer cold rooms to help those in the meat supply industry do just that.

Being the manufacturer of bespoke high-quality cold rooms tailor built to meet the needs and tastes of individual clients, we’re also pretty nifty at providing reliable cold store maintenance services too. This includes demolition, removal, modification and extension work on all cold room types to ensure Britain’s meet industry continues to operate smoothly and at its optimum.

We’re all about flexibility here at Michael Ward Ltd and therefore offer both standard and bespoke maintenance contracts so your cold room can continue to run at peak efficiency all year round. Our temperature calibrations are also carried out to UKAS standards so you don’t have to worry about the compliance of your system.

How can our cold rooms and stores be tailored to you?

For easy installation, our modular range of high-quality cold rooms come with cam locking joints as well as a high standard of insulated doors, both sliding and hinged. You can even choose from roll fast automated doors appealing to all chiller and freezer systems.

We offer you the promising options of premium insulated panels from industry leading manufacturers including Kingspan and Hemsec, plus a wide-ranging choice of flooring and finishes, such as concrete and Altro Safety Flooring.

If you’re a butcher, abattoir or wholesale meat supplier a cold room can be adapted to feature meat hanging rail work to cater for your specific needs. 

The options don’t just stop there. As suppliers of a healthy array of additional cold store elements, you can decide from a generous selection of internal shelving, ramps and PVC strip curtains. We can even supply, fit and repair underfloor heating systems which can be a real asset to your cold store.

Able to repair and carry our refurbishment work to any part of your insulated room, from your tracks and door hinges to your handles and door seals and gaskets, our cold rooms are guaranteed to be a cool (pardon the pun!) and innovative addition to your professional operation.

A vital source of protein, vitamins, minerals and fat, meat is a hugely important part of our nation’s diet. To ensure your business’ meat and other chilled food products are stored at the premium temperature, contact us today!


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