Eco-Friendly Michael Ward Ltd Light Up!

‘Eco friendly’, ‘recycle’ or ‘going green’ are words we hear almost as much as ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ these days, aren’t they?

Newspapers, the radio, news social media, you name it we’re always hearing about the importance of sustainable living to protect and preserve the Earth for future generations. But there’s a reason for that- because it really is important.

We think it’s so vital to be eco-friendly, in fact, that here at Michael Ward Ltd, we’ve recently taken steps to become a greener company.

These include installing eco-friendly skylights in our workshop, energy saving LED lights and solar panels in our office buildings and company premises.

Green Living Ideas explain how skylights do wonders for saving energy, cutting bills and work miracles for our health too!

They work via a tube installed in a building’s roof that contains several reflective surfaces inside it. The tube transports natural light from the sun into the building. Voila! When it’s daylight outside natural light illuminates the building’s interior!

And if it stops being light outside? There’s technology available to always observe the levels of light in your office/building and, once the lighting level falls below a particular level, the system will activate a network LED lights- neat huh?


Why are LED lights so environmentally friendly?

LED lights stand for ‘light-emitting diodes’ and operate by making use of small, concentrated powerful sources of light that illuminate when electrons move through semiconductor materials, according to SF Gate. 

Where traditional incandescent bulbs generate light that flows in all directions, wasting 90% of the energy they consume on heat, LEDs produce much less heat and emit light in only one direction, meaning less energy is wasted.

Using less energy, LEDs reduce energy bills and last longer than alternative forms of lighting to boot!

Solar panels are a fantastic ‘green’ method of producing power by converting sunlight to electricity. They enable particles of light (protons) bump electrons free from atoms creating a flow of electricity. Live Science brilliantly sums up how solar panels work in more depth.

We reckon natural light trumps artificial light sources any day, being known to make people feel better, help the healing process and increase productivity.

Sunlight is also packed with Vitamin D, which helps our bodies absorb calcium and phosphate from our diet, thus keeping our bones, teeth and muscles strong and healthy.

It doesn’t take much to be more energy efficient and a friend to the environment and is definitely worth it. What does your company do to reduce its carbon footprint and be eco-friendlier? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ !

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