Dust mites in the air conditioning

Dust mites in the air conditioning are a hygiene nightmare waiting to drop into a room.

The inside of an air conditioner and its filters are the perfect environments for dust mites to breed. Air conditioning fans and filters not used in the winter months are a perfect environment for dust mites to multiply until things start to warm up and the air conditioning ON remote button is pressed. Within seconds these little bugs and their droppings are blown around the room and up the nostrils of unsuspecting victims.

Dust mites, also named as bed mites, are known to be the most common cause of allergies and live off of dust containing human skin flakes, breeding in humid environments. These Mites are found in filters, bedding, carpets, clothing and many other soft furnishings. People allergic to dust mites are allergic to the proteins in their droppings which cause the allergy. Each mite secretes around 20 waste droppings every day and the droppings continue to cause allergic symptoms even after the mite has died, including breathing and skin rash problems.


The way to prevent and minimise this from happening is to thoroughly clean the infected air conditionings internal workings before the fan begins being used as the weather warms up.

The air-conditioner filters must also be cleaned or replaced regularly to prevent or reduce accumulation of the mites and its allergens. Replacing old units with new, cleaner and smarter air conditioners will also severely reduce the risk of dust mites accumulating.

If you think dust mites might be gathering in your air conditioner and need help with replacing the unit or parts before you switch it on for the summer, give us a call. Your employees will thank you!


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