COVID-19 Statement

In the light of uncertainties created by the outbreak of COVID-19 we write to keep you updated about the steps we have taken to ensure we are able to deliver service to you.

Currently, at the time of writing it is very much business as usual, but we are aware that the situation can change very quickly and we aim to keep you updated accordingly.

  • We have confirmed with our key suppliers that there are no pending supply issues for the next month and that they are carrying sufficient inventory to support our normal operations.
  • We are carrying increased levels of spare parts for FRIGOBLOCK systems, equal to an additional 3 months usage.
  • We are advising all members of our team to comply with WHO and Government guidelines, hand sanitizing, no hand shaking, use of disposable gloves, minimising face to face meetings and travel.
  • We are allowing team members with underlying health issues to work from home wherever practical.
  • We are insisting that any team members reporting COVID-19 symptoms stay at home and self-isolate in accordance with Government recommendations.
  • We are also advising members of our mobile engineering team to co-operate fully with our customers procedures in place to minimise the impact of the virus and report back any concerns.
  • At all times our aim is to provide you with the best possible service whilst minimising risks to the health of all our team, customers, suppliers, and employees.

Should you have any concerns please contact us.

Tel:- 01204 669247


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